SOLD 1970 Marshall JMP 50 Watt 1986 Bass Model

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Here we have a glorious 1970 Marshall 50 watter. One of the last original small box hand wired Marshalls from the golden era! There’s an organ sticker on the rear panel but the sticker inside the amp says that it’s a bass model and the circuit is the bass circuit so it’s a 1986. 

The amp has been recently serviced by Dave at Rosewell amps and is in great working order. It’s currently running 6CA7 valves. It sounds exactly like a great non master volume Marshall should! 

As far as originality, the inputs have been changed at some point as well as one of the switches. 

This is truly the finest amp I’ve ever owned, it does anything I ask of it and has never let me down. Unfortunately an eye watering guitar purchase means this has to go. 

Any questions please ask.

£1800. Im in Tadcaster.


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