Time for our Annual Donation to thefretboard@outlook.com - Happy 5th Birthday to The Fretboard

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bigjonbigjon Frets: 655
I've just paid £20 by PayPal gift to thefretboard@outlook.com, and I encourage you to make a donation as well.

TheFretboard launched on the first Saturday in August in 2013: the founders asked for donations at the time, and I said I'd chip in £20 a year as a "Friend Of The Forum" - each year therefore on the first Saturday in August I make a donation on the anniversary of this forum's launch, and encourage others to do the same.

We enjoy this free forum off the back of the back of the stupendous generosity of the founders and admins, not just in money they've spent on server costs etc, but most especially in the vast amounts of time they have all devoted to this place. For this reason, every year I also request that if funds permit, my £20 donation be put towards treating the admins to some token of appreciation, and once again you might like to do the same - perhaps alcohol, a slap-up meal, a Netflix subscription etc may help the noble admins to feel appreciated for the saintly and thankless task they do.
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