Is this eBay promoted Disney book the worst charity fund raising attempt ever?

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Just saw this on the front page of eBay:

Who on earth in existence wants this book? 

Even fans of photography would surely think that it's an embarrassment to own, what with every 'celebrity' holding the exact same 2-3 props. And the "High Profile" names... Julian Clary, Phillip Schofield, Amanda Holden...

"Each portrait aims to capture the simple magic and wonder of the 'True Original' Mickey Mouse" <- Can anyone tell me what 'Professor' Green's facial expression is conveying?.. was that the best photo they could use or did he just suddenly unexpectedly shit himself and they took the shot just as his brain registered it? 

Why not just sell Mickey Mouse dolls for charity or something?! I honestly would be surprised if the whole thing was a loss making exercise for tax reasons for Disney.
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