NAD - Fender Bassbreaker 15

OctafishOctafish Frets: 1523
Well, actually it was last week, but picked up a 2nd hand Bassbreaker 15. I've got sick of my lugging my Deville around only to have the volume set at bugger all. I played a Bassbreaker 15 a few times and liked it and its lighter and more managable.

Got to say it sounds much better with pedals than the Deville (particularly fuzz) and the onboard drive/gain structure is very useable, far better than the usual Fender drive sound. It also has effects loop (which I don't use) and DI with cab sim, sounds better than usual DI, but still not as good as a mic. EQ is a bit more effective than the Deville and I'm not missing the OTT bass/bottom end of the Deville

Going to be interesting to see how it copes volume wise. Most venues I play nowadays have house PA and will be able to mic it, but it also has the ability to plug into a cab without defeating built in speaker. Will keep my Deville for the odd gigs that require the volume, but have no PA, and also because it's worth fook all. So much for my attempt at one in, one out policy :lol: 
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