Gretsch Square Neck Dobro **Sensational Price Drops**

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Edited post now for the sale off the snakehead tele, the addition of the Telemaster and the price drops. As we do, my eye has been caught so feel free to make me an offer.

I have three guitars that need to be sacrificed to my buying stupidity, because they're pretty different, I'll use three posts here to show them to you.

  1. Lets start with a Gretsch Square Neck resonator. £395 £350 £300

It's the G9230 Bobtail Square Neck, from the Roots Collection. It's a very nicely built guitar, as all the Gretschs from China seem to be, with some lovely little touches that make it feel a little special. The finish to the headstock and the beautiful open tuners are both really nice. The sound is rich and particularly warm for budget Dobro style and the pickup is as fantastic as all the reviews say. A small pinch of boost or drive into your amp and a touch of reverb and you'll think you're Jerry Douglas*

This will be yours with a slightly scruffy but good quality padded soft case and a nice Shubb tone bar.

Collection from me in North Wilts ideally or a meet up somewhere between

* A complete fabrication
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