New ThorpyFX pedal, "The Dane" Danish Pete's Signature pedal

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So we've been sitting on this for a very long time... I've bene desperate to tell people about it but... it had to remain on the down low.

This is the first pedal I've made that wasn't designed to suit me, I've never done a signature pedal before and it was both a privilege and a tough thing to do... basically designing something to meet such an amazing players needs is a professional challenge.

However I'm so glad I took up the challenge, its proven to be so rewarding and the end product is a truly new, individual and astonishingly capable pedal despite such a clean and simple look.

Pete Honore was an absolute pleasure to work with, his work ethic is just astonishing. We had some very log days during the development of this pedal and none of them were anything other than a pleasure.

As for the pedal:

It is a super high headroom boost with loads of output and control over the low end, this really fattens up a telecaster or stratocaster. The drive was designed to be the most dynamic and pick repose drive available, again the tone control has such breadth that it can work so well to thicken or thin out your guitar, no matter if you use humbuckers or singlecoils

1st prototype

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