Q418 CHALLENGE - Build an item of Musical Equipment from a Kit.

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This aim of this challenge is to build a usable piece of musical equipment from a kit that is available to purchase.  

It can be any musical equipment you can think of.   Guitars, amps and pedals are probably the obvious choices as kits will be easy to find… but don’t let that stop you if you have always wanted to build a hurdy gurdy and you have found a kit.

There is no budget.

There are no limits to how much you mod your kit, but don't bin it and build from scratch - make the kit work for you!

We are going to do things a bit differently to previous challenges.  

There will be a vote for a winner.    In an attempt to even the playing field,  the winner will be the one who provides us with the most entertaining or informative thread.  This will be judged via an online vote.      

There will even be a small prize for the winner.   At the moment, that will be a goody bag provided by me.   I am open to donations of further prizes 


The challenge will be split into 3 phases.

  • Plan – This starts now.   Find a kit and get it ordered

  • Build -   The build phases will run from October 1st to December 31st.

  • Vote – Voting for the winner will start on Jan 1st and run for 1 week only

To take part:

  • Start a Thread with the Title Q418C [user name] [Chosen piece of musical equipment]

  • Tell us your plan in the opening post

  • Link to the kit you will be using

  • @theguitarweasel Oil City pair of Limited edition Masterwound Blackbird Afterburners ... leg length and conductors to the winners preference ... and if you want em for a multi scale I'll slant em for you
  • @sixstringsupplies ; Wiring harness of choice
  • @WezV Mystery goody bag

Edited 10/09/18: finish date pushed to the end of December to give a little extra time for finishes to cure and give people chance to do a bit over the hols  

Edited 11/09/18: added prize/donator list

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