FS Duesenberg Starplayer TV, AV58 Tele(sold) 89 Strat plus Torino Red

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Duesenberg Starplayer TV in vintage white. A really great all rounder and in really good condition, made in 2008. Rock solid trems on these. Comes with Duesenberg hard case. £1250


SOLD AV58 Telecaster. Plenty of real life relicing to the super thin finish on the body, the neck is in really good condition. Fitted with improving brass saddles. Really great player. Comes with the AV hardcase. £950


1989 Strat plus Deluxe in what I believe is very rare Torino Red. Great condition overall, some bucklerash on the back but nothing broken through. Being the deluxe version it has the silver/silver/blue configuration (blue in bridge). Comes with original hardcase. £1000



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