SOLD - £295 Fender Strat Hot Rod Reissue (HRR) 60s MIJ 90/91 Floyd Rose+extras- Will Ship

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Hi all,

I'm selling this old thing which I've had for a few years, the idea was to get a versatile, great playing and sounding guitar which was replaceable and not something I would be heart broken if dinged or worse if I ever went out playing. 

Since I bought it I’ve not been out playing however!

I've tried to be as detailed as possible in the description, and the guitar comes with a second scratchplate (by Jacks Instrument Services), some extra pickups and custom wiring installed - plus a gig bag.

  • Asking price is £295 for the Guitar including original electrics plus extra scratch plate and gigbag.

  • I'd prefer not to ship but am now actively  considering it, I do not have a spare case, so I would be taking the neck off and boxing up with lots of packing material. 
  • Shipping price passed on at actual price to buyer

  • Happy to do a localish delivery or meet up Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire Wiltshire, South Wales, Bristol, M4 corridor for example.

I bought this about 4 years ago from the US as I wanted to have a crack at a project, without any of the hard work or skill thats required.

There is a bit of info about this model in the Fretboard Thread below.

Outline spec:
  • Serial Number is: K006607 - which indicates 1990 or 1991 and made in Japan with some Fender US parts.
  • Body is Black finished and Basswood.
  • Original 3 ply white scratchplate with Dimarzio PAF Pro, and US single coils - model or type unknown.
  • Volume Knob Coil split for the bridge humbucker
  • TBX control
  • Skinny and wide maple neck, with skunk stripe with a flat radius (maybe 12") rosewood fingerboard and 22 chunky frets.
  • Original Floyd Rose (OFR)
  • Replacement chrome Floyd Arm
  • Four bolt micro-tilt neck joint with the corner dressed away at the heel.
  • Original strap buttons
  • Trem backplate included.
  • Body has plenty of knocks and dings
  • Couple of dings on the back of the neck
  • Jack plate scratched up - not sure how you end up with this many scratches.
  • When I bought it I was told that there was a repair on the body where one of the Floyd Rose Posts mounts. I can’t see anything much in that area and it’s solid with the posts perpendicular to the body top.
  • Floyd doesn't always quite return to pitch - I think its down to a blunt edge or knackered post slot as a quick wiggle brings it back to pitch OK.
  • **Edited to say that I've just given it a pile of dive-bombing while playing, and a slight lift from neutral brings it back into tuning AOK** - certainly not a problem that needs retuning or anything.
  • Fingerboard side markers - some of these have been drilled out, and three of them have been replaced with little sparkly plastic crystals - not by me BTW...!
  • Bit of fret-wear in the cowboy chord area

Second scratch plate in tortoiseshell made by Jacks Instrument Services:
  • 4 Ply medium tortoiseshell
  • Shielded
  • CTS pots
  • Solderless terminal blocks (for the single coils)
  • Tone cap (not sure of value as its on the guitar currently)
  • Aged knobs and switch tip.

Custom wiring:
Master Volume
Master Tone (treble roll off)
5 way blade switch
Second Tone knob is a 4 way rotary selector - currently set up to offer selections on the bridge humbucker:
  1. Both coils in Series (full output humbucker)
  2. Coil Split - voices HB coil closest to the bridge in isolation
  3. Coil Split - voices HB coil furthest from the bridge in isolation
  4. Both coils in parallel (hum cancelling but lower output and more SC character)
The idea was to have as much versatility on the bridge pickup in isolation, or in combination with the middle pickup selection.

The scratchplate and wiring cost £136 inc VAT, but excluding any of the pickups.

  • The PATB-1 Humbucker and cream single coils are not included.
  • Gig bag included


Here is the wiring concept diagram I sent to Jack to design what I was after:

Let me know if any wants any more pictures of anything specific, and I'll get them up and on here.

In the meantime, heres a shot of what it looks like with the original scratchplate and pickups...

Let me know if there are any questions I can help with.

Cheers all,

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