FS: Assorted PA equipment, mixing desk, EQs, effects

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For sale are several pieces of PA equipment, now surplus to requirements of our band:

Proel M20usb mixing desk.  20 channels, 16 mono 2 stereo, 4 aux in/out, 5 group in/out, buitl in fx & usb port. Excellent working condition with flight case. Bargain £250. £200

DBX 231 stereo 31 band graphic equialiser. Professional quality rack mounted EQ. Excellent working condition. £40. SOLD on Ebay

Behringer Ultra-graph pro GEQ 3102.  31 band stereo graphic equaliser. Excellent working condition. Only £40. SOLD on Ebay

Alesis midiverb4. Professional fully programmable rack mounted reverb, chorus,flange,delay fx unit. Excellent working condition. Can also be used with a footswitch (not included). £55. SOLD on Ebay

Collection from Blackpool. Cheers
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