Tried a multiscale bass yesterday

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Due to special circumstances involving proximity and ageing i found myself in a music shop in Chester with permission to do more than just peruse... i could try all the way up to not buying!

So i did my usual peruse which trying to look like i wasn't a total time waster looking to have a go on all the pricey stuff.

I had intended to go and have a play on some of the strats/teles and things.. but instead found myself playing an Ibanez multiscale bass in some sort of antique aged walnutty brown finish at around £650ish.. Can't remember the model number.. i looked at it with the intention of remembering but had probably forgotten by the time i got to the door... 


It was my first multi scale.. i think i liked it. The next was incredibly slim at the top and it was surprisingly comfy and really smooth with just the right amount of 'resistance' for good grip. I just went up and down a few scales to see what playing over different strings was like with the wonky frets. I think i missed maybe one or two notes at the beginning then it was seamless. 

Overall i liked it. Not enough to decide that it's the only thing for me now, but it certainly was a different experience. 

Anyone else have any experience with multi scales? Likes/dislikes?
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