FS Various Valves, Harma, National, Sovtek, PM, Chelmer (Russian Sovtek). EL34, 6L6, ECC83

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These have all been in my amplifiers. I used to have a n endorsement deal with Watford Valves so any amp I bought I generally re-valved as I could do it cheaply. But all of these valves are OK and came from good working amplifiers and I simply kept them as spares. Pictures after each description. Apart from the Harmas all the valves are at least 15 years old or more.

SOLD - others available below. Matched Quad Harma STR EL34. £60 PPG posted. This first batch of Harmas have had hardly any use at all as I re-valved my Hiwatt about 10 years ago and then never gigged it - probably had about 2 hours playing through those valves. Last year when I started playing again I got some NOS Tesla and GE valves that were far more suited to the Hiwatt and gave a bit less drive than these Harmas. Could split these into two matched pairs.

SOLD - others available below 4 x Harma STR ECC83 12AX7 £45 PPG posted
Again, had these in the Hiwatt so only about 2 hours use.

3 x ECC83 12AX7A £35 PPG National made in China. These came out of an old Marshall Super Bass I had. (Note - just edited this as they are 12AX7A which I understand is a low noise version)

3 x ECC83 12AX7 Russian Sovtek £35 PPG These came out of an original Fender Blues Deluxe I had for a while. Hard to see but the writing does say Russion Sovtek.

1 x ECC83 PM chinese £10 PPG posted - this came out of my Music man as did the following 6l6 - those amps are notorious for being very easy on the valves.

1 x PM 6L6 £12 PPG posted - I had an accident with the other tube so no pair in this instance so good for a small amp builder perhaps.

2 x Chelmer 6l6 (Russian Sovtek) £15 PPG posted. The locating post has snapped off of one of the valves - the valve is fine, I guess you woudl need some very high temperature glue to fix but the valve does fit in ok if you are careful with pin alignment and if you have valve retainers will be fine.

1 x Harma 6L6 Retro  £7 PPG posted- again a broken locating post on this single valve but works fine.

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