No ordinary Fender Blues DeVille. USA 4x10 boutique'd

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I've had this amp 15 years. I'm going to miss it. Believe it or not, the external condition is almost identical to when I bought it. The rips, tears and "mojos and t0nz" were all there. It had obviously had a life. As for the innards, read on...!

As for what it is: an early 90s made in USA DeVille 4x10. The more recent ones are made in Mexico.

4 Fender speakers, clean and drive channels (no "more drive" channel like the Hot Rod DeVille). FX loop and all that jazz. The reverb doesn't currently work, the tray was bust when I got it. As someone who doesn't use reverb it's never bothered me but I can get it fixed before you buy or get the part from my tech and you can fit it yourself.

This was serviced on Denmark street about 10 years ago and again at the beginning of this year by Jon at JR Amps. Jon does great work. He even wears a white coat and science goggles! Trusted by several London studios I've worked in.

Jon didn't just service the amp (although he did stick all new valves in) but he upgraded many of the components. I asked him to do it as I'd recorded with a hotrod Deluxe he'd done for one of the aforementioned studios and just had to have mine the same!

The amp now sounds "ridiculous" (Jon's words not mine). Much more dynamic, unrivalled cleans (puts a DRRI to shame) and lovely Fender gain. Big, big sound. It looks super cool, too. Genuine road wear matched with well serviced and unrivalled inner workings.

So, closest you'll get to a Bassman for far less than half the price.

The work Jon did cost just under £300. I realise I will lose a lot of that but I'd like to get as close to £500 for this as possible. If you've been looking for one of these, please don't take my word for it. Try it out. I get to London quite often and travel around a lot. Let me bring it to you. See how it sounds. Put your pedals through it!

I always get compliments from other guitarists at shows, even those with their own DeVilles! It just looks the nuts and sounds even better. Comes with footswitch.

I can take more pics if you want to see any of teh mojos close up!

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