FS: Atomic Amplifire 3 £290, Lumpys MKII Tonebender sold Mr Black BB74X £65

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For Sale: Atomic Amplifire 3 (AA3) £290

Very good condition, boxed with PSU, USB cable and instructions. Working perfectly, comes with the MBritt presets and a couple of Ownhammer packs also. No longer needed as I have a Helix. Love this little box but no point having it hang around now. Sounds amazing as an amp modeller, as good as the Helix in this regard. 

There is one small ding under the bass knob from a cable drop, but barely noticeable (see pic). 

Looking for £290 delivered to you PPG. Open to offers too. 

DAM Red Rooster RR10

Blue, in excellent condition with no marks or chips. Sounds amazing into my Genz Benz Black Pearl and it's loud!! The range knob is a great addition so you can tune the frequencies you would like to boost. Nice vintage germanium transistor in there as well.

Boxed, although it's a bit tatty and has the DAM envelope with instructions. Also had the footswitch replaced by DAM themselves around 6 years ago, as documented on the lid by David Main!

Not sure where to price this, but based on Reverb/eBay sold prices. Will send tracked second class or similar. Open to offers of course too. Not after trades sorry. SOLD eBay!!

Lumpy's Tone Shop / Electric Majik MKII Tonebender Fuzz Led Bender thingy! - SOLD

Bought about 18 months ago, very little use other than to check and then play around with a few times. Its a great sounding MKII Tonebender clone, wired with NOS Mullard OC82DM Transistors, and when I say wired, I mean handwired literally to perfection!! Tommys pedal internals are a work of art, see the pics below, amazing stuff. Anyway, this is wired with shielded signal cables, is safe for negative tip 2.1mm standard Boss style supplies, has an external bias control, uses top quality parts throughout such as Switchcraft etc. Comes boxed, no instructions as there are none! No velcro or tape ever attached.

Excellent condition, sounds amazing, looking for £100 delivered PPG signed for and open to offers.

Mr Black Eterna - SOLD

This is literally as new, in box. It was tested and then stored so whilst I can't say it's new it's as good as!! Superb shimmer verb which also does a great line in plain reverb as well with the shimmer off. 

Boxed with instructions and Mr Black sticker etc.

£95 (SOLD) delivered PPG, signed for delivery, open to offers, no trades thanks.

Mr Black BB74X

This is also literally as new like above, in box with instructions etc. tested and stored. Mr Blacks take on a 18w Marshall, no longer made. 

"All the juice, sag, response and harmonic magic of that legendary 18W EL-84 combo, captured and reformed into one damned sweet little overdrive pedal."

Jack Deville original design.

£65 PPG delivered with signed for delivery. Open to offers, no trades sorry.

.....and what to my wondering eyes should appear.....      nothing.......

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