Digitech Freqout FS - SOLD

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Selling my Freqout purchased a bit over a year ago. It's a really nice pedal, but as with every pedal I've ever bought, I never end up using it much. This has had home use only.

The one thing I've found with it is that as the note you're holding dies away on the guitar, you do occasionally get sort of 'bloopy' sounds as the signal dies (unlike with a Fernandes Sustainer which keeps the string vibrating). It's not a big deal, but I found it slightly annoying when trying to record it, and live it wouldn't sound great. A bit more gain would probably help (and yes, probably using the pedal more and getting used to it!). 

Anyway, I'd rather it went somewhere where it was used. It didn't come with a power supply and neither will this one as I need to hang onto the spare I've got. 

Looking for £80 plus postage which shouldn't be too much. Quick look says these are still going for about £120 new so seems fair. 

Pics below. I'll dust it before sending! PM if interested. Please bear in mind my hours are not a usual 9-5 but I'll try and send it as soon as possible. 





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