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Some of you may recall we made a dark purple superstrat - now owned by one of you guys

Well - there was always a second one in the works , although we chose a different neck for this other one. 
It's taken a long while but finally it's completed....

The colour is quite unusual, but as soon as I saw it I knew it was what was needed

We may supply/fit a tremolo cover, but there seems to be a lot of players that like to leave it open , so we'll wait to see what to do there

A very simple layout with a Floyd (a German made Schaller Lockmeister in this case) and an overwound PAF from Oil City

That neck joint is so snug - especially as the neck has threaded inserts and is held in place with machine bolts

We went with a big '70s headstock for a retro vibe
Currently it sports a Q Parts knob , but it can be easily swapped if that isn't to your taste

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