FS: Teenage Engineering OP-1 (Sold)

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Bloody hell, this is a very difficult sale.

In truth, I've decided to go self employed again and need some funds to set-up the new business urgently. I also need to buy and replace my my company car...

As such, this is a very very regrettable sale. Im hoping I can survive on my existing guitars and the Kemper.

(This forced sale means that my remaining amps - Carr Rambler and Redplate CDS2 - may also have to go )

Anyway, this is THE most creative device Ive ever used. Love it. Love it. Love it.

As new, comes with original box casing and bands. It even has the original cellophane for the bands, and the original unripped instruction overlay thingy...

I'll throw in the unused antenna with it  

£699 ono

 Price includes delivery, and assumes Paypal Family & Friends (or whatever its called these days !)

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