FS: Bogner Wessex......EQ Devices Dispatch Master(Traded)

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Pedals not needed anymore and funds needed to add to Guitar "GAS"

Sale only, positively Some rare exceptions of trades may apply. Location is Sheffield.

Pedals sent by Royal Mail Guaranteed by 1pm

Or, depending on your Location, I can personally deliver to you during Business Hours if you are in:

  1. Sheff, Roth, Donc, Worksop or Chesterfield on Mon, Weds and Fri
  2. Barnsley and West Yorkshire on Tues and Thurs
  3. Peak District on Most Fridays

Paypal Gift Payment please or Cash on delivery/collection!

Bogner Wessex Overdrive £115.00 £110.00

Excellent working condition and superficial tiny marks cosmetically. Comes with original box, no battery supplied.


Couple of Demos

TRADED..............Earthquaker Devices Dispatch Master Reverb/Delay Pedal Version 1..........£140.00

Traded for a Thorpy Fx Fallout Cloud (Advertised for same price of £140)

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