Egnater Tweaker Faulty - Any Ideas?

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I posted this in the recommended amp techs thread...

Anyone have a recommendation for someone near Chesterfield, Derbyshire for an Egnater Tweaker wil a pre-amp that isn't working? At the moment I plug my Zoom G3X into the FX loop return and it sounds fine, but plugging into the pre-amp gives a very low and distorted sound.

I bought some new 12AX7's from Watford Vales and that made no difference, but I don't have a valve tester to check they are okay. I have tested all of the internal fuses for continuity and they seem okay. I can't see anything obviously wrong on the PCB so I'm now stuck.

I would have gone to MJW but they have relocated to Scotland unfortunately.

Anyone recommend anyone in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire region who would know about Egnaters?
But there were no answers son I'm asking in case anyone has any ideas what is going wrong with the Tweaker's pre-amp.

The power amp is fine as witnessed by my going from the G3X into the loop's return and playing fine. When I go in via the guitar in jack the sound is very low volume and "crackly".

As I say I have replaced the pre-amp valves, but I have no clue if they were working anyway when I bought them. I just assumed they were. I have also checked all the fuses I can see for continuity and they are fine.

Anyone any ideas what could be wrong from the limited symptoms I can identify? Does it sound like a bad valve still?
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