FS: Zilla Fatbaby 1x12 w/ Vintage 30

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Fantastic sounding cabinet that I only bought last week from @Marshall Only reason for sale is that I've just ordered one to match my Friedman head, with a Creamback, from Paul, so it's a bit surplus to requirements! Cabinet is in really great condition, as you can see from the photos.

Fatbaby 1x12, black tolex, Bluesebreaker-style grill, white piping, with a slight gold accent on top and bottom. Loaded with an 8 ohm Celestion Vintage 30. Sounds absolutely HUGE for a 1x12, and is very portable... hence ordering another! This is also the 3-piece back version, so you can run it open if you so wish. 

Looking for £250+postage, which I think is fair as I bought it unloaded for £190+postage.

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