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So, heres the deal... as you know we have worked hard over the summer to shrink our pedals. Sonically the new smaller thorpys  are absolutely identical to the original series, but the news of our shrinkage was leaked a tad early and as such we are left with some stock of the original series enclosures that I can offer here for a discounted price. (we have some fully built good to go and some that need building).

We are offering 15% off if you buy one pedal, and 20% off if you buy 2 or more pedals. The CHAIN HOME is being discontinued and as such that is being sold at 30% off RRP.

The prices of the original stock are as follows.

GUNSHOT £184.99 = £157 at 15% or £148 at 20% discount
CHAIN HOME £199.99 = £140 at 30% discount
VETERAN £224.99 = £190 at 15% or £180 at 20% discount
FAT GENERAL £219.99 = £187 at 15% or £176 at 20% discount
PEACEKEEPER £194.99 = £165 at 15% or £155 at 20% discount

If this is a deal you'd like to partake in, then please let me know vid DM and I will send you the payment details.

Hope thats all cool with everyone! Thorpy


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