FS - Zilla 1x12 Cab with Creamback 65w 8 ohm - exact Two-Rock cab replica

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I bought this from a fellow forum member at the beginning of May,  I've seen a cab I would prefer to pair with my Suhr Badger hence the sale.

 Apart from not having the Two-rock badge - it looks no different to the two-rock cab - same dimensions, white piping and even the leather handle. 

The only difference is that this cab is closed back - but the middle section can be removed to run as open back.

Dimensions: 24" wide x 18" tall x 12" deep
Standard size 112 cab. 

£250 - will to post if buyer pays & arranges carriage with a carrier of their choosing and they accept any liabilities. It would be packed well and the process would be photographed. Otherwise based in Bournemouth & happy for collection

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