Massive shout out to The Nave studio in Leeds

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OK, so as some of you may know, my band (BlackHawkDown) have been working on an album in earnest for about a year now. After a bit of a false start, we got pretty much all of it recorded only to discover on a final listen that the drums couldn't really be dealt with.

Enter Andy Hawkins at The Nave in Leeds. He's an old buddy of mine from school, and it turns out that he's a damn good engineer. We ended up re-recording the drums at his place, and then he mixed it.

Oh. My. Word.

I can't put anything up in public right now - we're working on a release plan for early next year - but man did he deliver. Even unmastered, we've ended up with a record that sounds exactly as we always hoped we'd sound like live. I honestly can't speak highly enough of what he's done for us. Not only that, but he's opened my eyes as to things I'd never even considered when it comes to recording.

So...if any of you need recording work doing, give him a call. They're not particularly cheap (although not exhorbitantly expensive either), but if you want a pro recording...well, I wouldn't go anywhere else even if he wasn't a good mate.
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