Recommendation for a guitar tutor in Bolton

I'm a 59 year old (today) and I've been attempting to learn to play guitar for around 18 months. I have both electric and acoustic and as my wife still works and I'm retired there is no excuse for me not to have the time to practise. I pick up a guitar every day and spend between 30 - 120 minutes a day messing about. 

I have progressed a little but am coming round to realise that I'd benefit from lessons but being a tight git I don't like parting with money when there is so much stuff on the internet: )

I'm finding that with the internet that there is almost too much stuff and I flit around all over the show.

If I try and define what it is I'd like to learn (other than play guitar to a reasonable standard) I'm not sure... my musical tastes are wide.

I have tried Guitar Tricks but just didn't take to their style, I find Justin Guitar better but I get bored probably because I'm a people person and would like feedback.

I understand finding the right instructor is important so if anyone can recommend someone in the Bolton area I'd appreciate it.

I'd also probably benefit from a guitar buddy of similar ability to bounce off and motivate each other, my brother plays but unfortunately he's over 100 miles away and my mates aren't interested.
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