'Ovation style' stage acoustic ... a pleasant (and cheap) surprise

Probably like many of you, I've spent a lot of money on kit over the years, including some really nice acoustics (currently a Collings dreadnought and a Stefan Sobell concert bodied acoustic), so I thought I'd share a recent experience at the other end of the price spectrum where I got a pretty decent stage acoustic for only £125!

Having a nice day out in Manchester with my daughter and we did a tour of Afflek's Palace (sort of the mini-Camden market of the North for those of you not from around here) and hidden away right at the top was Doodlebugs guitars ... mostly pretty inexpensive stuff and I wasn't expecting to find anything of interest there (also wasn't really looking ... honest).  Anyway, there was an ovation style (rounded plastic back) acoustic made by Harley Benton ... never heard of them but apaprently something to do with Thomann.  So out of curiosity I gave it a try ... it looked nice, played nice, had perfect intonation, and sounded reasonable when plugged in.  Now this definitely doesn't stack up against a proper wooden acoustic in terms of tone but it sounds okay both acoustic and plugged in and definitely is good enough to work as a stage acoustic for live work if you're not too much of a purist.  Also it is loads of fun!  The playability is superb as it has light strings and literally plays like an electric so I can do anything from finger-style folky stuff to Hendrix on this.  

So my verdict ... definitely worth the £125 ... probably wouldn't use it for a proper 'acoustic gig' where I was wanting a proper acoustic tone, but pretty solid for just about everything else.  At this price this could get slung in the back of the car for gigging, parties, campfires, etc where I'd be more circumspect about taking one of the really nice acoustics.

Also, the guy who runs Doodlebugs seems a decent bloke and makes some very funky electric guitars himself that he electrocutes to make it look like they have been struck by lightening ... he confirmed that this is extermely dangerous and I believe him.  Check it out if you find yourself in Affleks.  [By the way, I have no affiliation with this place, just stumbled across it]
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