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Hi all

I have just taken delivery of a Paul Cochrane Tim in order to cover my boost and 'low gain/touch of hair' needs. My amp is a Morgan AC20 head + 1x12 cab and I'm a Tele/Strat man.

My overall aim is to have clean boost plus three levels of dirt. With Tim taking care of boost and dirt no.1 what recommendations would you have for no.2 and no.3 - medium overdrive plus fat/creamy distortion for solo work?

I don't need 'metal' levels of gain and have always loved the solo tones of Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Landau, Angus and Lifeson. 

I'd consider two separate pedals or a combined one. I like the idea of the Pettyjohn Pettydrive V2.

Your suggestions will be much appreciated.

Any thoughts on these: VFE Alpha Dog V2, Red Witch Famulus, Pettyjohn Petty Drive V2; JHS Angry Charlie; Bearfoot EGDM.
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