NGD (again): So, I've got a bizarre telecaster, so the next logical step is...

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A bitchin' superstrat, dude! EXCELLENT!

Now, if only my photography skills had gotten a tad better since the last thread. Ahh, that'd be nice... Still, it's easier to blame my 5 year old second hand phone camera.

ANYWAY, what did I get? Well, here it is. UPDATED WITH (hopefully) MUCH BETTER PICTURES!

Initial thoughts after a few hours of play are really positive. As someone who's only previous experience in 16 years of a floating trem was with an Ibanez EDR470EX (I believe that was the model... The green Satriani looking thing), I've been blown away by just how stable (and sensitive) the trem system is. I've been diving like Raheem Sterling & the thing still holds a perfect open G chord as it did when I first set it up.

Intonation is very slightly out on the high E/B strings (I've a pretty sensitive ear), but probably only by a few cents - I'll fix it at some point, but right now, I kinda just wanna play it.

Bridge pickup sounds EXACTLY how I imagine a superstrat to sound, but the neck pick-up isn't really blowing me away right now. Inbetween positions are gorgeous for the clean sounds I usually play with, so I'm loving those for delay-ridden clean arpeggios.

SO! Now, I need your help...

Neon Pink, or Neon Green for a strap?

Cheers gang.
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