PRS CE22 for sale *SOLD*

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Got this one earlier this year, but just haven't really bonded with it. It's a very nice guitar, but I'm afraid I still don't like the PRS body shape or 22 frets (despite having tried to get used to both!). 

This one is from 1999 as far as I can tell, has the Dragon pickups and the rotary pickup selector switch. It's in decent enough condition, but has been played and has a few bumps etc as you'd expect. Comes with a hard case which is decent but worn. 

Price =  £800 plus postage from Gloucestershire (no offers/trades/part-ex, thanks). I work as a guitar teacher so my hours a bit erratic - so please bear with me re replies etc, I'll try and deal with stuff as quickly as possible. 
Pics below


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