FS: Epiphone LQ MIJ Les Paul Standard Goldtop £750!

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Selling this fantastic Les Paul because I have another one just like it in another finish, and I have so few guitars that it doesn't really make sense that half of them are pretty much the exact same guitar. Really sad to see it go, incredibly rare instrument. 

The guitar has the same specs as a historic, which you won't get in any Gibson USA after 1980-something. ABR-1 bridge, long tenon neck, tall pickup rings, medium neck profile (quite similar to Gibson USA's 50s neck and CS historic 60's neck), weighs in just under 4 kg and has a lacquer finish which I believe is nitro, but it could also be acrylic. Nevertheless, it is really thin and apparently acrylic lacquer will age similarly to nitro (checkings etc). 

Because the stock pickups are total garbage, it comes with a set of nickel covered Suhr Thornbuckers and upgraded electronics from RS guitars. The knobs have also been replaced with gold reflector knobs, apart from that it's stock. 

It can be posted in a really crappy hardcase, but very well packed with loads of bubblewrapping inside and outside of the case. The other Les Paul survived all the way from Russia in that packaging, so it should be able to survive a UK shipment perfectly fine. 

If you have any questions send me a PM, the price including the Suhr pickups and electronics is £750. I can almost guarantee that you won't find a Les Paul as authentic and great sounding as this one in that price range. It cost me £1200 including pickups, electronics and VAT from Japan. As I have my eyes on another guitar the price might be negotiated a bit, but not much. 

Here's a clip, featuring the Thornbucker bridge and a Ceriatone 2204. It truly has that 'Tele on steroids' tone which I think is fantastic, just one of the Gibsons I used to have could pull that off... 

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