Taking a keyboard for an open mic night...pretentious?

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Hi all, there's a monthly open mic music night thing started up by me (Rowheath Pavilion in Bournville for those of a Brummy persuasion who may be interested) and I fancy going to the next one as I always moan about not getting to do anything musical.

They have ok'd me in principle taking an electric guitar and amp as long as it's not too loud, as I don't particularly enjoy the acoustic side of playing and my voice doesn't suit it as much. But I also thought of maybe being a bit different and taking my keyboard instead, as everybody will likely be doing guitar stuff.

It's not a full stage piano, 49 keys (yamaha mx49) and I'd play it only on standard piano, wurlitzer piano and maybe a bit of soft organ sounds, and sing along to it.

But my worry is it might come across a bit pretentious as I'll also need to take the stand and sustain pedal, and a stool if I can't get on with laying stood up. There's also whether the set up and set down might be more fiddly than I expect and thus too much effort for what may only be a 3 song open mic thing.

I've not been before, it is listed as "open mic and jam night" so there is the possibility of a bigger group jam thing for which a keyboard might be a handy addition and I would therefore be more useful than yet another guitar player. I'll ask the organisers about it but thought would ask how you lot would perceive somebody rocking up with a keyboard.

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