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I love my little valco amps (Supro and Oahu brand) but they're noisy and cranky and generally not gigworthy so when my mate (@PinstripePhil of these parts) told me about this pedal I knew I'd have to take a punt.

It was a bit of a leap of faith because whilst it's been well proven to get the jump/west coast blues sound, I was interested more because of the way those old octal valve amps sounded on the earliest electrified blues....essentially when it was still country blues but being played on electric instruments, often solo or with minimal accompaniment (think Muddy's "Can't Be Satisfied"). 

So it arrived yesterday after a couple of months wait and based on a few hours of messing about, I'm definitely not disappointed. Plugged into a clean PRRI, it has a LOT of that warm-yet-a-bit-gnarly character of the Valcos. The bright/woolly switch is effective and balancing that with the guitar tone controls gives a lot of variety. Adding in the "Grits" gives a very accurate representation of what happens when you push these amps.

I suspect you could probably achieve the same with the right mild overdrive and an EQ pedal, but it's nice to be able to just plug in and get it. So far experimentation has been limited to a tele into the pedal into the PRRI. Next to explore will be the pedal with an acoustic with vintage DeArmond soundhole pickup (I suspect that is going to sound epic), and to try the pedal with my 57 Custom Champ ... that's not a great amp for pedals I find as it only wants to do it's own thing and gets too congested if you try and do anything else with it but we'll see. 

Anyone else out there using one of these for something other than jump blues? 

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