Sold: 2009 Fujigen History Les Paul Custom

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A premium MIJ Les Paul Custom for sale or trade. 2009 Fujigen History Les Paul Custom in Black. Very high end Japanese take on a LPC. These are rare in the UK but can easily be found listed used on USA eBay under the name Hi-Story and ten to be list at around 1800 usd.

Many impressive features. Particularly the ‘Timeless Timber’ that refers to the maple cap and neck which are manufactured from stock found at the bottom of Canadian lakes said to be hundreds of years old. 

Specifications are:

Body Top: Timeless Timber  

Body Back: Mahogany  

Neck: Timeless timber (one piece)  

Fretboard: Ebony (305mm Fretboard Radius)  Frets 22 (2.7mm)  Scale 628mm with ‘circular fretting system’ for improved intonation 

Inlays: Genuine Mother of Pearl

Tuners: GOTOH SG-301-04  

Nut: Cow Bone  

Pickup Neck: History FH-3

Pickup Bridge:  History FH-4

Bridge & Tailpiece: GOTOH  

History fitted hard case

“Custom Shop” finish

Long Tenon Neck Joint

Right up there any stock Gibson LPC I’ve played, a massive spec for the money. Generally in very good condition but there’s two small areas the on the back of the guitar that have repaired lacquer chips.

Trades are fine. Particularly high quality amps.

£775 ppg or bank transfer

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