SOLD - Magnatone Twilighter 1 x12 amp - PRICE DROP £1600

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SOLD - Magnatone Twilighter 1 x12

£1750   £1700 £1650 £1600 from close to Dorking in Surrey.

The Twilighter's modest 22 watts of pure American tone is delivered through an Eminence Govenor 12" driver pushed by a 6V6 output stage lovingly squished by a GZ34 tube rectifier.

This super gorgeous amplifier not only oozes class and has pure tone to die for but provides your pedal board with a perfect platform with just enough headroom to make all your drive and fuzz pedals really sing!

As well as lush, tube driven reverb this superb amplifier also contains the infamous and unique true stereo vibrato and tremolo circuit which made the 280 the holy grail of tone!!


Tubes - 3 x 12AX7 / 12AU7 / 12DW7 / 2 x 6V6 / GZ34

Output - 22 Watt Push / Pull Class AB

Inputs - High/Low sensitivity

Reverb - 4 tube driven counterwound springs, long pan

Vibrato - True pitch shifting varistor vabrato with switchable tremolo

Driver - Eminence Govenor 12" Ceramic

New Price £2700.

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