New Studio Monitors - which?

So - one of my existing monitors is dong odd things, so need to replace them.

Its a small room, and placement isnt that versatile so I need front facing ports, of completely sealed units (which rules out any Genelecs).  I tend to go for 5" monitors (I have a Yamaha HS8 sub I use for playback, so total low end extension isnt necessary) - though Im open to 4" up to 6.5" if they suit.

Always the first I look at are Adam A5x's - and they are on the cards.  I dont want to go lower/cheaper than those though.  Neumann KH120s are too much for me at £1000 the pair really - though Ive tucked them away  in my brain just in case.

So - looking at options priced between the 2.  Thats between about £500 and £900 the pair.  Ive had a brief look (on paper specs)  at the Neumann KH80s, the Focal Shape 50s, and the Dynaudio LDY-5s.  So any comparisons between those speakers, or other worthwhile suggestions please.
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