USB interface - level mismatch ?????? help with this problem

OK, So I recently got hold of a Yamaha MG12UX desk - which includes a 2 in 2 out USB interface.  Mixer works great as a mixer, BUT there is something wrong with the interface part.

When I say wrong - it might not actually be the mixer - but heres what happening.

When I record - I cannot get a decent signal level into my DAW.  I usually use reaper - BUT I have Ableton Lite (free with my Peak) and Cubase LE (Free with the mixer)  - and I have the same issue across all 3 DAWS.  When the Mixer shows its outputting 0db, the input of the days are nearer -16bd.  I can get 0bd into the DAYs, but the mixers outputs are hitting the peak light.

Conversely, when I play back - the mixer gets a very HOT signal.  When the DAWs are showing 0db out, the mixers inputs (using the PFL to check) are hitting the peak.  

The mixer does have a Pad on the USB bus - and setting it between -12 and -16 db matches the input signals (ie 0db out on the DAW shows as 0db in on PFL) but firstly, that doesnt affect the output levels (so still cant get a decent signal in) AND the pad resets when you power cycle the mixer.....   As it requires 5 presses of the FX program knob to enter the PAD setting - and I have to do this a couple of times a day....I cant see that button lasting.

So - it would appear there is an attenuation of 12-16 db of anything going gout of the mixer compared to the input of the PC, and  a gain of the same amount coming in.

It does mean If I go off he mixers LEDs, I can record into the daw (resulting in a -12/-16 db level) but when I play back its at 0db (despite being that -12/-16db level).

There is nothing in the USB driver (its basic only the converter settings available, no level).  I have several other USB interface devices (an AFX2, a Roland RD2000 and a Roland FA07) and all these devices match 0db to 0db - so Im struggling to put it down to the PC - however, I dont know where any settings for audio levels over USB would be.  

It may be possible for there to be a fault on the mixer?  a boost/cut on the USB line?  but its stumped Yamaha (even tried to blame me for using a Free DAW in Reaper, until I said it was the same in the bundled Cubase LE software as well).

Any bright sparks out there can help? 

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