USB noise from one source only. Any advice?

For the first time since Ive had the 07, I have tried to use the USB out.  Ive dont this mainly to get Midi over USB out of my DAW (that doesnt have standard 5 pin Din connection) rather than audio.  Audio goes in via a USB Mixer (though having the audio direct may come in handy).

The problem is - its extremely noisy.  Some sort of ground loop.  If I take the audio outs from the FA or the Mixer - it goes away. If I take the USB cable out of the mixer or the PC it goes away.  Ive tried different USB ports, different Mains sockets, different USB cables to no effect.  Ive tried a USB isolator - and the noise goes away however it is no longer longer recognised as either a Midi or audio device - so thats no good.

I do not have any issues with the Mixer over UBS,  with my Fractal AX as a USB interface, with my Novation Peak (though thats Midi only) OR with my RD 2000.  It is ONLY the FA that has the problem.

Its not the end of the world - I just dont connect it Via USB - audio goes through the mixer but it does mean I cant use the FAs drum sounds with drum loops from the DAW - nor synth sounds with programmed Arpeggio patterns, or in a sequenced track from the DAW easily.   I can do it - by connecting the USB - sending audio over usb and disconnecting the audio outs of the FA from the mixer (but only when I need the Midi signals from the DAW).  Again its a work around but annoying - and really shouldnt happen.

I know ground loop/hum, etc arnt necessarily an equipment issue - but given everything else is dead quiet - I can only put it down to something in the FA.  

Any other ideas to try - It really annoying that everything else works fine - but I get this noise from the FA.
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