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This is an immaculate custom build head made by Martin Garton (Gartone) in late 2016

The preamp is Tweed Pro (5E5) to get over some of the issues with the LPTT preamp
The Power section is Low Powered Tweed Twin (5E8)
The Iron is Mercury Magnetics
The Ground switch has been changed to allow switchable bias to allow the amp to run a pair of EL34s as well as 5881s  (6L6GB)
NOS Glass - Philips 6L6GB, National 5U4GB, RFT 12AX7 and a New EH 12AY7 in the front
Wired for 8 Ohms or 4ohms with a second cab connected
Immaculate - not a mark anywhere on it

It sounds superb with fantastic dynamics and luscious harmonics.

Classic big tweed tone and with the option to run EL34s, it can get into early Marshall territory very nicely

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