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I've not had this long, and at first I was completely in love with it.   Then I realised that I am probably never going to have the chops to do it justice - it makes me want to play much faster than I am capable of (which inevitably ends in disaster!).

I dont have anything specific in mind, but I'm into superstrats so could be interested in another Vigier Excalibur, Suhr Modern, Tom Anderson - stuff of that nature.

Pics at the Imgur link below - it's in great condition, sounds incredible and plays like and oily, buttery seal.   For those who dont know, it's an infinite radius fretboard so action can be set as low as 1mm at the 12th fret.  

Couple of things to add - I have had a treble bleed cap added (I can have this removed if not wanted)  I also had the bridge pickup swapped for a  Bareknuckle Holy Diver.  I kept the original Dimarzio Air Classic though so I can have this put back if the Bareknuckle isn't wanted.

Pics here: http://imgur.com/a/xwBdeAX
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