NOW ALL SOLD: PRICE DROP Mad Prof Snow White AutoWah, Keeley Caverns V2

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Not using the Snow White enough to justify a place on my pedal board so a slightly reluctant sale.

Tried a good few before I went for this one. Definitely the best I tried.

Looking for £120 now £115PPG delivered. No pictures as I'm at work but you know what it looks like and it's pretty mint. Comes with original box.

Keeley Caverns V2 Delay and Reverb pedal up for sale too. Brilliant pedal but I preferred the vintage sounds on the TC so looking for the Alter Ego V2 if anyone wants to trade with cash? Otherwise £125 now £120PPG delivered. 

SOLD - I also have a TC Alter Ego X4. Love it but it just takes up too much acreage on my pedalboard so I can't keep it. Shame as the vintage delay tones out of it are fabulous - as is the ability to use presets.

Looking for £125 PPG delivered - SOLD

Please PM me for any pics but they are all pretty mint.

Based in Harrogate - come and try if you like, or happy to post.
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