Whats close to a Disaster Transport Sr (side A)?

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Hey guys

I really love Side A of my Disaster Transport Sr and whilst Side B is really nice too, I'm not convinced I need Side B, particularly when I've already got an Re-20 and have a Caroline Kilobyte incoming. 

Given the price (and size) of the DT Sr, if I make the reasonable assumption that I'll love the Kilobyte its tempting to sell the EQD to recoup some money and some pedalboard space.

Is there anything out there thats close to Side A of the DT Sr? 

From what I can tell, the original DTs aren't voiced the same as Side A even though you'd think they might be. I'm slightly tempted by something like the Way Huge Echo Puss but really not sure if three Analog Voiced delays is remotely sensible in the first place...
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