I'm switching to making ....

A jazz bass. 

My guitar build has moved very little in 6 months. I think the problem is that 1) my no 1 guitar is just too good, so I have no real desire for the new one. 2) I'm planning on different pickups, but I love the ones I am currently using, so I don't feel too inspired by that either.

Anyway, I'm really into bass at the moment, and have switched to 4 string after many years of 5s. The bass I really want is a custom shop relic in black with a tort plate, but as they are off the radar in terms of price, I thought I'd make my own one loosely based on that colour scheme.

Started this week and already excited. bought a neck with a dead truss rod, so I'll be stripping the fretboard off come Monday and taking things from there.
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