BOTH SOLD Fender Jaguars - Classic Player SOLD and Blacktop PRICE DROP

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I’m having a re-jig of my rig so have 2 Jaguars for trade or sale:

SOLD Fender Classic Player Jaguar Special HH in sunburst. Brilliant guitar, pickups go from single coil to humbucker with the blend controls. Very good condition, with soft case. £550

Fender Blacktop Jaguar HH.  Great guitar, good condition, some oxidisation (?) on pickup covers and small bumps etc, otherwise good condition. £300 or strat trade

Based in Oxford, might be able to deliver.  Only trades I’d really be interested in would be something strat flavoured to be a backup to my US standard, a decent squire or mex fender maybe?  Ask away with other trades you never know, but I do need to raise some £ as well as sort a stratty backup so would prefer sales!

some pedals for sale / trade too see other post...


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