**SOLD** 1973 Silverface Fender Musicmaster Bass

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A lovely amp that I've not had long, but just slightly too loud and surplus to requirements for home use. My ZT lunchbox still does everything i need and its just sat there not really being used.

The amp is in great condition and has recently had the caps and tubes replaced (NOS RCA 6AQ5/JJ 12AX7) by the previous owner. It was sold to me as a 1973 model and has to be at least the early 70's as it has the 6AQ5A powers tubes instead of the later 6V6. Speaker was changed to an alnico Jenson P12Q but i still have the original Fender ceramic if required. Price £375  **SOLD**


Trades (plus cash if necessary) i would be interested in include....

Gretsch preferably with Dynasonics or Hi-lo trons.
Rickenbacker 330/360 
Epiphone Elitist Casino
Gibson SG Junior
Vox AC10/AC4-12
Roland JC22
Orange Micro Dark Terror
Hot strat pickups
Fulltone OCD
Big Muff
Stone Deaf Fig Fumb Fuzz
Way Huge Blue Hippo
Zvex BOR or Distortron
Boss BD-2 Blues Driver (standard or Waza)
Boss CE-2 (Original or Waza)
Mellotron Micro/Memotron module
Roland Go Keys
Arturia microbrute
Korg Monologue
16 + Track porta studio/multitrack.

Located on the Isle of Wight, but can ship it at extra cost if required. 

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