Speaker advice needed please - Greenbacks, Creambacks, Legends

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Currently running my Laney LA30BL through a 4x12 with Eminence Governors, it sounds great but its a bit much to be lugging it around to band practise every week. Plus i've found with the Governors that they need to be pushed pretty hard to sound their best, even in a 1x12. 
I'm going to get a 1x12 cab to make things easier, and also so i can set up my gear easier at home, and i'm looking for a more 'classic' sound, i.e Greenback territory. 
Obviously Greenbacks are rated at 25w, so i'm guessing one of those is out of the question.  Things do get loud sometimes when we gig, its mostly Black Sabbath stuff these days so not sure how long a single Greenback would last!! 
I've seen the Creamback 65, and Eminence Legend GB128 - How do these compare to a Greenback? Any others i should consider? 

I could of course get a 2x12 with Greenbacks, but that's kinda defeating the 'down size' point to the whole thing....
Thanks for any advice! 
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