FS Mission Engineering EP-1 Black Expression Pedal £80 boxed inc P&P

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Mission Engineering EP-1 Black Expression Pedal £80 boxed inc P&P

I used this for pitch, wah and volume with the Kemper so no longer have any use for them now it's gone.

Immaculate condition, with boxes. Never been taken out of my room, and in truth, rarely ever used as I'm not one for wah or pitch stuff...and fuck turning the volume down! ;-)
  • These need a TRS jack from your Helix, Axe FX or Kemper or whatever else.
  • They don't have a footswitch under the toe end of the pedal and they're not spring loaded.
...Which, for my needs, was absolutely perfect. Meant that I could turn on the effect automatically with movement of the treadle instead of having to use the switch and also take up an extra expression output and the lack of spring meant I could assign both to wah/pitch or volume, or cocked wah or any other morph parameter, and not be limited to using it as just a wah. Win win!

SOLD Thorpy FX Gunshot v2 £150 £130 - boxed inc P&P
Great pedal in superb condition and sounds superb, but I've recently bought a mini Marshall which is making the Gunshot a bit redundant for what I use it for.

SOLD EHX Green Russian Big Muff £50 boxed inc P&P

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