I did play and the people rejoiced!

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I played and sang a song last night at my sister's silver wedding anniversary party.
I've mentioned having problems with stage fright and stress on here in the past and I haven't played in a while as a result of a couple of bad experiences last year.
The plan was to do a short set with my niece (singer) and nephew (cajon) as we've never played together before and my sister would be so made up, but I bottled it at the start of the week. I wasn't sleeping and I was worrying about it all. It's meant to be fun but to me it's stress so I said no.
Got there, met everyone and they were all in fun mode, then my niece and nephew did a few numbers without me and they were great. I got called up and could see the joy in my sister's face so I did it. I PLAYED! I PLAYED A SONG!
Their first dance at their wedding was 'Wonderful Tonight' and it's the one song I HAD learned so I did that. Fingerpicking and everything! They came up and danced and there were tears (not from me!). It was pretty damn special and I loved it for once.

And then two women asked me out!
I might meet one of them for some booze soon...

Top night. 
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