Oil City Strat Pick-up Base Plate

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I promised when I recieved my base plate off Ash (@TheGuitarWeasel) that I would post my thoughts.

Firstly its a doddle to install - it fits perfectly (I've fitted to a Fender American Vintage Series '59 pick-up) and requires only the ground cable trimming to length and soldering to the back of the volume pot. Double sided tape (which the plate comes with) and magnetic pull take care of the rest.



The middle and neck pick-ups have always been well balanced on the guitar in question but - in spite of having a tone control wired across it - the bridge pick-up was just too harsh and spikey.

The plate gives a much more solid low end and tames the extreme high-end, just as Ash said it would. It now sounds 'bigger' - but still like a Strat - beautifully clear and 'open' sounding. This is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to fatten up the bridge pick-up on their Strat.

Highly recommended. Thanks Ash - I very grateful.
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