A 2015 mod a Harley Benton guitar challenge?

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Last year we did the kit-build thing, which produced some pretty amazing results.

There's been a bit of chat over on this thread here about the Harley Benton guitars that Thomann are currently selling for £-not-a-lot, and the suggestion has been made that perhaps we should try a modding challenge next, based on one of these cheapies.

It'd just be a challenge-for-fun, with the objective of seeing how much work is needed to turn one of those guitars into a giggable guitar (ie in terms of tone, reliability, set-up, etc), and sharing pic stories and maybe video clips of how we all go about doing it.

We could leave the end-date pretty open - maybe aim to get them done by the end of the summer (or something equally vague) and we might manage to arrange a gasfest or two for challengees to meet up and compare work.

I don't think we'd set any sort of budget for it, choose whichever of the guitars takes your fancy (maybe limiting it to £150 cost though), and spend as much on it as you're inclined to do ...

Handy link for the various HB guitars below ...

IF there's enough interest, I'd approach Thomann to see whether they'd be willing to give the challenge some support - either in terms of a discount (although I can't imagine that there's a massive margin at those prices) or perhaps some sort of prize or freebies (strings or whatever).

Sign-up below ...

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plus the "provisional hats" and "maybes"  :)
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