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Does anyone know of any pedals built in the UK which are towards the more budget end of the spectrum (not too much over £60)?

Just under a year ago I started a site which sells inexpensive guitar gear which includes a selection of pedals. So I sell brands such as Biyang, Joyo and ENO. But I've always wanted to add a British pedal manufacturer too, so I'm doing a little research into that at the moment. 

The problem I'm facing is fitting together the "inexpensive" theme of the products on offer with some of the price points of the hand made pedals. So it may be that I actually can't sell a UK made brand for that reason. But I thought I'd ask to see if anyone had any ideas as it's something I'm really keen to do.

Boo Instruments have a few pedals around the £50-60 mark, but they're the only builders I've found so far who fit the criteria.

I'd mention my site in the signature but don't want to break any advertising rules on the forum.

Biyang & Caline pedals plus other inexpensive gear:

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