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Hello guitar humans - since this is such a great place to find the newest news on UK small builders I figured my new coils might be of interest.

Actually today there are two new things combined... and those new things are old things...

First of all I've *finally* released a proper P90 pickup. I find P90's pretty sensitive to differences while building and I wanted to spend the time it needed to get these right. So I've made not one but three new 90s, Sweet, Salt and Original, all differing in tonal character and flavour. The Original Ninety is the first pickup I've released in the new Original flavour (there's a Spinal Tap quote in there somewhere), and I'm especially pleased with them.

Here's a peek at the Sweet Ninety - this one is reeeeal raw, much thicker and more syrupy than a standard soapbar. When you clean it up it gets chimy and lovely, but the more gain you feed it the more gnarl you get in return.

I'm really interested in your opinions. In contrast, the Salt is tighter, punchier, wiry. Much different to the Sweet, it keeps it's head under a lot of gain where the Sweet gives in and sinks angrily into the mire.

The Original Ninety is more like your classic P90 sound - smooth, rich and harmonic, these ones have a balanced, articulate class to them. The best thing is all of these still sound like a P90! They all still have that growl and that width. Happy to post more videos here, though they're all up on

Soon to come - classic PAF style humbuckers in our Original Flavour (I already make Sweet and Salt Buckers), a P90 for your Jazzmaster which I'm calling the Jazzma90, and our take on the Fender Wide Range in Sweet, Salt and Original. And maybe some sleep? No, probably not.

What do you folks think?

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